Every changed life is a miracle in the greatest sense of the word. Below are just a few of the many miracles made possible by compassionate partners like you who fervently pray and give from generous, joyful hearts.

What is the Definition of Human Trafficking?

What is Human Trafficking? Not many years ago, most had not heard the term human trafficking. We were well aware of the term drug trafficking, however, and this gave us a hint that the “human”...

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12 | 2020  –  Fruit in December

12 | 2020 – Fruit in December

During this month many of you are are looking for a white Christmas, and most trees have lost their leaves—and certainly none are bearing fruit! But here in Cambodia the fruit is ripening, as you’ll...

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11 | 2020  –  A Long Overdue Celebration

11 | 2020 – A Long Overdue Celebration

The youngest of many siblings, Katee and her family lived on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They moved repeatedly from one overhang to the next, escaping police nightly and begging just to put...

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2 | 2020  –  14 Year-Old Girl

2 | 2020 – 14 Year-Old Girl

At the age of 5, both of her parents died. She and her 4 brothers and sisters were left to fend for themselves. During that time, a high-ranking government official took her and one of her brothers...

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10 | 2020  –  Siblings Reunited

10 | 2020 – Siblings Reunited

Four siblings became high priority, after receiving tragic news that the mother of one of our Education Empowerment Program families had suddenly died. With no extended family members able to care...

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