We’re so excited to report that three students in our education sponsorship program recently passed their rigorous 12th-grade exam! All three come from one of the poorest slums in Phnom Penh, but all are now bound for college! Their dreams of further education and professional careers is being made possible by their sponsors. Most kids in these slum communities think they’ve “won the lottery” just to be able to attend regular public school (not to even mention the chance to go to college). But these three girls, as well as all the kids sponsored in our Education Empowerment program, receive their education at a private Christian school. They worked hard to make it this far, and we have high hopes for their futures!

We ask sponsors to support their students through high school graduation, but many develop such a connection with their sponsored kids that they also want to continue helping them through college. That includes paying for their tuition, laptops, uniforms, supplies, and even lunches!

The young woman at left wants to become a teacher, and the other two plan to study accounting. And they’ve each said “yes” to Jesus! Please pray for them to succeed and grow in their faith.