What a night of victory for our Elijah team—our biggest yet! Our team (ELIJAH stands for Extreme Love Investigations for Justice and Hope) had been training for weeks. Then we got a lead about a brothel exploiting boys, so we investigated. We also worked closely with police and local government – a strategic alliance that’s key to Elijah’s strategy and success – to evaluate the situation and formulate a rescue plan. This collaboration makes the Elijah team’s work safer. It also adds the authority necessary to make sure the rescue and placement of children into safe spaces will not run into legal issues.

The time came to act. We met up with armed police and local officials at the agreed-upon spot near the brothel. Adrenalin pumping, we made our move. Inside, we discovered 14 trafficked boys who were being forced to beg for their captor and denied access to hygiene. Some were groomed to earn money through prostitution (of those, some were as young as 6).

All are safe now, and being placed where they can grow up free from exploitation; places they can be restored and go to school. None of this could have happened without teaming up with local government and law enforcement. This partnership is so exciting because it further cements the credibility of Extreme Love Ministries in the community and helps ensure the sustainability of our efforts! We appreciate the part police and government played in the success of the raid that rescued 14 boys, but most of all we know that God, who loves children and justice, was our Protector and the One who brought the success. Not only that, the rescue could not have happened without your partnership. Thank you for helping to bring hope into the depths of darkness!


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