Join Us on an Extreme Love Outreach or Event!

NOTE: Due to travel restrictions during the current pandemic, ELM is not currently offering outreaches or events in-country. We expect these trips to reopen in the near future. Outreach and event dates and registration coming soon!

Join Extreme Love Ministries on a missions outreach or for one of our exciting on-the-ground events. Each outreach and event focus is pre-determined annually by the ELM team, and are designed to focus on such purposes as prayer, service and empowerment. They are based on local and international needs within our active projects and the cities and nations we seek to impact.


The cities listed below represent just a few of the possible locations for our outreach teams.

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia and has incredible opportunities for outreach among at-risk women, children and families. With over 200 slum and street communities, Phnom Penh is targeted regularly for human trafficking, drugs, and other corrupt activities, making the city a primary source and destination location for exploitation.

Poipet is a border city in Cambodia, neighboring Thailand, and is a major intersection for human trafficking. Poverty, lack of industry, and minimal jobs attribute to this gateway city’s vulnerability. Many cross the border daily looking for work and hope for a better future, some never return.

Ho Chi Minh City is an up and coming city in the south of Vietnam. Once known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is now an epicenter for business and tourism. Foreign visitors and locals travel regularly to the city for sex tourism, where more than 30,000 prostitutes work and live. Ho Chi Minh City is also a primary source and destination location for human trafficking, where it’s estimated that nearly 92% of the city’s street children have been sexually exploited, many ending up trafficked for labor or sex.

You are God’s solution to end human trafficking. Join us on the front lines!

Join Us for an Event!

Extreme Love Ministries holds special events where you can get involved, sometimes in your home country! These events might be FUN-raising events, such as our annual Race for Freedom in Arizona, to bring awareness to the problem of human trafficking, or a conference. We also get offers from partners to host special events on behalf of ELM.

Due to the current pandemic, however, no events are currently scheduled. We hope that changes soon! Check back here for updates.

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