Your Voice Can Change Nations

Partner with us to end human trafficking and other forms of injustice.
• Become an advocate in your community
• Host a fund raising event
• Network your business
• Buy products and services that give back


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.”
– Proverbs 31:8

We need your voice! Be a voice for the voiceless through innovative advocacy.

Extreme Love Ministries is inviting you to host an event in your community or to utilize your business as a springboard to create awareness and raise funds needed for on-ground projects and support.  Your network and sphere of influence can help change nations.

Consider hosting a fundraising event. Here are some examples:

  • Gala Event
  • Church Event
  • Business Leaders Event
  • Product or Service Promotional Event (proceeds to support women and children at-risk)
  • Specialized Group Event (women’s/men’s group, home/small group, etc.)
  • Creative Media Event (art exhibition, film screening, etc.)

We will equip you for success!

Extreme Love Ministries will help make your event successful, by providing media and print related materials.  We will share current statistics, vision, testimonies, and projects for our anti-trafficking efforts along with ideas, solutions, and ways to get involved.
Your voice can set the captives free!
For more information or to host a BE A VOICE event, please contact [email protected]

4 Levels of Be A Voice advocacy

BAV Host – Volunteer to host a single BAV event or a reoccurring annual event. The event could be large or small and is privately funded by the host. The BAV event could be one of the above examples and other ideas are, but not limited to, an Everlasting Love purse party, mom’s group meeting, women’s bible study, etc.


  • Electronic media and material will be provided, with access to purchase printed documents and a promotional DVD
  • Future wholesale opportunities for Everlasting Love products and events  (eligible in June 2017)
  • A BAV point of contact to answer any questions and provide support
  • Prayer and intercession for the event
  • Quarterly BAV newsletter
  • Invitation to private BAV FaceBook page for BAV updates, encouragement, peer support, photos of events, Extreme Love Ministries testimonies, and more
  • For annual event hosts, personalized BAV business cards (printed and expensed by BAV Host)
  • Network identification and partnership affiliation

BAV Spokesperson – Volunteer to speak and host 4 fundraising events per year.


  • All BAV Host benefits (see above)
  • Incentive Benefits Program membership (eligible for prizes and motivational awards)
  • Personalized BAV business cards (upon qualification, 500 paid for annually by Extreme Love Ministries)

BAV Regional Spokesperson – Volunteer to assist in event management for BAV events and advocacy work in your region (upon qualification and at the invitation of Extreme Love Ministries).


  • All BAV Spokesperson benefits (see above)
  • Personalized BAV business cards (1000 paid for annually by Extreme Love Ministries)
  • 10% discount on Extreme Love Ministries products
  • Speaking, coaching, and hosting opportunities, as available within regions

BAV Business Partner – If you are a business owner or independent contractor, consider giving monthly or annually reoccuring donations or a one-time or on-going percentage of sales / services to Extreme Love Ministries. Minimum annual donation required for network benefit eligibility.

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