“The Lord continued to appear at Shiloh, and there He revealed Himself . . . through His Word.”
1 Samuel 3:21

Shiloh Fellowship Houses

Shiloh Fellowship Houses are places of presence, encounter, and purpose, where righteous leaders arise, overflowing with love for God and His people.  We believe that signs, wonders, and miracles follow those who believe and desire to illuminate that truth and destiny within hearts, bringing salvation and discipleship through the Word and Spirit. 

Shiloh in Cambodia

We desire to bring Light into dark places. Shiloh Fellowship Village 17 is the first of its kind neighborhood fellowships, in an at-risk, slum community.  Partnering to bring discipleship through outreach, evangelism, family mentorship, and weekly services, Shiloh seeks to create “glory communities,” cultivating a place of worship and presence.

Five years ago, Village 17 was a place of great darkness. Human trafficking, prostitution, gambling, drugs, pedophilia, and poverty once filled this area. Today, the community is full of joy and presence. Families who once were hopeless are now able to work and provide for their children. Kids who once begged and worked on the streets are now going to school and becoming leaders in their areas of influence. In addition, prayer has established a foundation in the lives of these village people. As persons receive Jesus, they desired a place of their own to gather for fellowship and discipleship. Shiloh Fellowship Village 17 creates a place for them to be pastored and grow in character, identity, and sonship, as they learn and experience the love of God in real and tangible ways.

As this model is established, ELM plans to build more Shiloh houses of fellowship, extending our reach in Cambodia and other nations of impact.

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