The Extreme Love Prayer Team

We need your prayer partnership. We have seen specific breakthroughs when we have rallied individuals in prayer and know that any fruit happening within the ministry or on-ground is due to diligent and faithful prayer and intercession.

Our prayer partners receive a weekly email with encouragement, updates and prayer directives that reflect God’s heart for our team, the work on the ground, and Cambodia’s precious people. Over and over we hear back from our prayer partners and the team how quickly the faithful prayers of our partners were answered.

Exciting news! We’ve started a monthly prayer call the second Tuesday of each month. Join us in prayer and partner with what God is doing on the ground in Cambodia. We can’t wait to hear your voice lifted with ours on our prayer call. Mark your calendars now, and if you would like a reminder with the call details each month, be sure to sign up as a prayer partner below.

We have created special decrees as a prayer guide that will help you in your prayers.

Partner with Us in Prayer

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