A Nation Yearning for Hope and Healing

As we work towards establishing hope and healing within Iraq, we recognize that love is the only solution. “Love Iraq” is an ongoing effort to partner with local groups, aiding to distribute resources and experiences.

In 2014, Northern Iraq was systematically targeted and attacked. Home to most of Iraq’s ethnic and religious minorities, more than 800,000 people were forcibly displaced (known as Daesh). ISIS groups destroyed villages and cities. Thousands were killed, and still more were raped, trafficked (sold locally and abroad), or trained as soldiers.

Today, most of the survivors are living in IDP (internally displaced persons) or refugee camps, where the United Nations/OCHA estimates over 3 million IDPs live in Iraq, and 8.7 million persons are in need of humanitarian aid. Those living in the camps are severely in need of medical care, grief and trauma counseling, and skills training.

ELM has partnered our efforts to assist in the transformation of these lives and communities. Over the next several years, ELM will conduct strategic outreach, discipleship, awareness, and resource distributions among refugees and IDPs in collaboration with local government, organizations and churches. We will be conducting mentoring seminars, meet physical needs (food, clothing and basic care), and work to restore identity and hope to those who have been abused and tortured.

Join with us in restoring honor to a generation ravaged by war. Love Iraq!

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