Human trafficking is perhaps the greatest injustice of our time, enslaving and exploiting millions…many of them children. Extreme Love Ministries believes this great injustice and many more are a violation of love. Love is, therefore, the only solution that restores justice and brings true freedom, healing and transformation.

You can be a part of that solution; you have the power to help end injustice.

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Life-Changing Programs You Can Impact

Educating one at-risk child who lives in the slums helps protect them from becoming a victim of human trafficking, and helps break the cycle of poverty

Women escaping prostitution and trafficking find freedom and dignity through learning new skills and discipleship, and learn how to become economically self-sufficient

Human trafficking and other forms of exploitation inflict unimaginable horrors upon their victims, but rescue brings restoration and hope for the future

Severely traumatized children who have undergone trafficking or other abuse find refuge and love at Hope House, a place where they find healing and restoration


The poor are vulnerable and often exploited, but through love expressing itself in the meeting of tangible needs, such and food, hearts are softened to hear about God’s love for them

When individuals learn to walk with Jesus in obedience and love, entire families and communities can begin to be transformed, resulting in the protection of at-risk children from trafficking 

Economic opportunity helps break cycles of poverty, which in turn helps prevent human trafficking because families no longer have to make desperate choices driven by lack of money

You can make a difference right where you are among friends and family by hosting a purse party to sell EL products, holding an event, or your own creative idea for sharing your heart about helping to stop trafficking

Ways You Can Get Involved

You are the key to change. Your partnership can help bring justice and restore destinies in individuals and entire regions! Here are some ways you can do that.


Intercede with us


Invest in eternity with your finances


Impact lives directly,
or attend an event


Involve your business
in changing lives


Read about the personal experiences of our ELM team as they witness firsthand moments of breakthrough and
transformation, as well as hope-filled, first-hand stories of change from those we serve

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