Every changed life is a miracle in the greatest sense of the word. Below are just a few of the many miracles made possible by compassionate partners like you who fervently pray and give from generous, joyful hearts. (*Names are changed for their protection.)
10 | 2020  –  Siblings Reunited
10 | 2020 – Siblings Reunited

Four siblings became high priority, after receiving tragic news that the mother of one of our Education Empowerment Program families had suddenly died. With no extended family members able to care...

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9 | 2020  –  A Heart Made Whole
9 | 2020 – A Heart Made Whole

Another precious one is now thriving and in safe care. With a severe heart condition, our team had been keeping close watch on a boy who lived and worked on the streets for about five years. We had...

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5 | 2020  –  Victoria – Let Hope Arise
5 | 2020 – Victoria – Let Hope Arise

We met this amazing woman when we were visiting her next-door neighbor who had recently joined our Everlasting Love social business and training program. Victoria* had told the neighbor we were...

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2 | 2020  –  14 Year-Old Girl
2 | 2020 – 14 Year-Old Girl

At the age of 5, both of her parents died. She and her 4 brothers and sisters were left to fend for themselves. During that time, a high-ranking government official took her and one of her brothers...

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