In our winter 2022 Extreme Love newsletter we reported about a very special rescue. Through our deep connections in many of the slum communities in Phnom Penh, we learned of a pregnant women who didn’t want her unborn baby. What was her plan? Sell it on the black market, where a baby can fetch between $200-$500 USD, a good month’s salary in Cambodia. This mother had already sold three previous children to help feed her drug habit.

Working closely with local police and government officials, our Elijah team made a plan to rescue the baby before it could be sold.

Just when we had all the legal “ducks in a row” to gain permanent custody of the baby (necessary to prevent rescued children from being forcibly returned to exploitive or abusive parents), the mother went missing. When we finally tracked her down, we discovered she’d already given birth to a boy a week earlier. We didn’t have a moment to lose….

Well by now you know that we succeeded in rescuing baby Mark, as we called him. During the months that followed, little Mark grew like a weed under our care, and we’re happy to report that this fall he passed his first birthday! Mark is a happy, healthy toddler now, deftly stealing the hearts of all who meet him with his infectious smile and laughter.

At times our hearts break at the thought of where Mark would be now if he wasn’t with us. We thank God for him every day. Then our thoughts turn to partners like you, without whose gifts and prayers our team couldn’t have rescued him. And then, finally, we can’t help but think about the many “Marks” out there still. Unwanted babies, about to be trafficked.

We deeply sense that God has special things ahead for Mark, our miracle baby. Please pray for him. We’ll keep you posted. Also pray that we’ll have the opportunity, and resources, to rescue many more.


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