Destiny Restored

by Apr 17, 2018Missions

Last week we had the privilege of hosting a team that conducted a week of healing schools within various areas of our ministry in Cambodia. While each one attending received personal healing and breakthrough, I couldn’t help but notice the long-term impact that was also achieved. This impact was generational and comes through the equipping of the saints (Eph. 4:12-16).

One thing that made this group unique was that they not only ministered healing but also taught those attending how to maintain and release healing to others. I watched each time someone received breakthrough, and each time, I saw destiny restored. But one of my biggest blessings was seeing “keys” imparted so that individuals were equipped to continue going deeper in what they had learned.

Some were healed emotionally, others physically, and many in their mind and motivations of heart. As their souls were healed they also came into alignment with purpose. That purpose released them into calling and brought them into a place where they could then release others. It was a generational blessing with fruit that continues to produce more fruit. From one seed of healing to another, these schools brought fruit that will remain!

There were so many miracles, which created a domino effect. As one person was healed in their soul, they began to change their countenance. Joy came forth into their emotions and actions, and eventually into their relationships. Within the group that was present offense began to break off, bitter roots were removed, and whole mindsets began to change as their souls were transformed. Each one was receiving personal healing but it was also having a corporate effect. What a beautiful picture of each part of the Body and the corporate Body of Christ going from glory to glory and strength to strength. When one “part” is healed, so, too, is the whole Body.

Hope restored is a beautiful thing! When our souls are healed we can begin to hope again and then give that hope to others. But while God has a hope and future for each one (Jeremiah 29:11), if we are not able to see it or walk in it because of wounding within our souls, then we will remain stagnant and idle in fulfilling the plans He has for us.

As a ministry, we plant ourselves in nations that need healing – nations that are struggling with human trafficking, overcoming genocide, poverty, or other forms of injustice. As we minister to people that need healing in their hearts, minds, and bodies, I am pondering Jesus’ commandment to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). While ministering to an individual (raising up / discipling a person) is amazing, I believe true generational inheritance (what we saw in last week’s healing school and what Jesus was teaching us to do) is cultivated when we move from mere “doing” to “doing and teaching them how to do it.” When we equip the saints, we will produce on-going, eternal fruit.

Restoring one by giving them “tools,” we will in-turn eventually also restore others through that one. The generational blessing involves multiplication, and when we replicate ourselves and move from a single to a generational inheritance, we will begin to raise up/disciple whole nations. Begin to teach and impart what you’ve been given, and watch the blessing flow, as you minister to generations. God is calling you to go, and make disciples of nations!

Written by:  Andrea Aasen
Published on 4/17/18


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