Going After the One!

by Mar 23, 2018Missions

Jesus told us He would leave the 99 to save the one (Matthew 18:12; Luke 15:4). I remember years ago when I was praying for a Muslim friend and had a significant dream about him. In the dream, I saw Jesus walking in the heat of the desert. As I watched Him trek through the sand, the blazing sun beat down upon Him. Step-by-step He pushed through the heat until He arrived at a giant rock. He sat down upon the rock, gave a sigh of relief, then looked up at me and smiled. I knew He had accomplished something great, so I leaned closer. As I gazed back at Him, He opened His cloak, and inside He carefully revealed a little lamb that was tucked safely against His chest. He was so gentle, so loving, and so confident in His find. At the moment the lamb was revealed, I heard the Father speak. His voice thundered a mighty, “God is the greatest!” He spoke over, and over, and over again, and everything shook at the sound of His message. In that moment, I woke up and knew the little lamb Jesus had rescued was my friend. Jesus had left everything, endured, and suffered for this ONE. God was greater than any scheme of the enemy, and He had made a way.

What an incredible and unfailing love! He truly is our Good Shepherd, who rendered it all to find and save the one. While He is after a corporate Bride, He will always remain fixed upon each one. This month I was reminded again of His extreme love to save “the one.” One year ago, while working with an at-risk child, we found a woman (her mother) in a desperate and hopeless place, heavily addicted to drugs and working on the streets.   She was lost and hurting, but God would not relent. He highlighted her to our team, and we soon received a plan and financing to assist her in a one-year drug rehabilitation program. The program would aid her and her family in counseling, skills training, mentorship, and education, meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  She agreed to enter the program with her children and began the process of healing. While in the program, we followed-up and were amazed at the changes taking place. As God pursued her, she began to pursue Him, inviting Him to be a part of her journey to freedom.

Today, she and her children are in a different place. They successfully completed the program and have now entered into our Everlasting Love Training and Rehabilitation Program. I wept this month, as I saw photos of the family. They have truly become new creations!

The most beautiful part is that as she was given life, she began to release that life to others. She has now begun to walk like Jesus. We watched as she brought joy to other women still held in bondage and released out of the overflow of her now healed heart. Wow! The power of a transformed life submitted to the cross and the will of the Father! She is pioneering breakthrough for generations to come. Her courage and boldness have inspired others and will continue to bring life and healing to many. Once a lost, little lamb, she is now following after Jesus and shepherding the lost.

Remember to pursue “the one” today. Who has God given you to shepherd that is lost and hurting and in need of His love? He calls you to be His hands and feet and will be mighty inside of you if you will endure and follow His example. Let His love be bold inside of you. He is mighty to save!

Written by Andrea Aasen
Published on 3/23/18


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