Pray Without Ceasing

by Feb 9, 2018Missions

In 1 Thessalonians, Paul admonishes us to “pray without ceasing,” and then his further instructions adds that “this is the will of God concerning you.” We have been taught that one of the ways to further, grow and increase our life in God is to pray at all times. If we are to pray without ceasing, then we have to develop a lifestyle of prayer. I maintain that there are so many ways to do that. One definition of prayer is just “conversation with God.” But, it goes much deeper than that.

We pray our lists of prayers. We give our petitions to the Lord. We pray the word of God. We pray our private concerns. We can say anything and everything to our God. If we cannot talk to God, then we do not have a very personal relationship with Him. The more we talk to Him about everything, the more we get to know the ways of our God and the more we can receive greater and greater insight about what moves God to answer our prayers. One great woman of God has said that God is looking for Himself in us. In other words, the more of God that He sees, the more effective our conversation and answers will be from Him. I am so convinced that He is just waiting for us to talk to Him and He is waiting to answer the desires of our hearts.

But, there is another greater dimension to prayer. How about knowing Him so well, that we know what He desires and what moves His heart? I want to submit to you that as we get to know Him through prayers and practice listening to Him, we can know those things that are on His heart and begin to address them with effective prayer. We have seen many prayers answered as we sought the Lord and moved into His heart. Instead of being in the place where we are praying for ourselves, I want to challenge everyone to go for the victorious life where we are no longer concerned with anything to do with us. Instead of being concerned with everything to do with Him. We want to pray and declare what is on His heart.

There are so many needs in the world and the world is our mission field. I love it when I hear in Cambodia that the children are travailing in prayer for the needs of others. They have already discovered a secret. How can we do less? I recently heard of a little girl praying for the heavy winds to pass over her house when there were dangerous winds in her village and then see that God answered her prayer. Her house was the only one that was not touched! I am moved by this! As intercessors, we are called to a higher place to do the work that God has called us to do.

We as “Sons of God, or the Bride of Christ” are called to make things right upon the earth today. We can speak to the weather as Jesus did and see things change. We can speak to the flu bug and tell it to stop. We can speak to terrorists and see them being put out of business.  What about sex trafficking? What about abortions? What about our cities, our churches, and our homes? Can we not pray for a revival to hit the world like no one has ever seen? One that brings in the harvest! Can we not see a harvest of souls so great that there are not enough buildings to contain them? Use your imagination! There is so much more that is on God’s heart! Jesus gave us all authority to do the works that He did and greater works shall we do. Prayer is one tool to start putting things in motion. It is an exciting adventure to partner with our God and see those greater works done.

Prayer takes many forms. We can sing, dance, paint, talk, shout, roar, and use instruments to begin the vibrations that take the answers to the earth. I like to think that the prayers are the vibrations that the angels carry and then scatter the answers to the earth. There is a greater force of prayer warriors being raised upon the earth today. More than any other time in the earth’s history! Are you one of them? Are you an end-time intercessor? Dream big and believe big for God to do things through prayers that the earth has never seen. Signs, wonders, and miracles so numerous that we cannot keep track. Glory to the Lamb who has made our relationship through prayer possible!

Your servant in prayer, Joyce Euren
Published on 2/9/2018


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