Guardian Angels and Praying Friends

by Nov 21, 2017Missions

My husband John and I are currently serving as volunteers with XP Missions in Cambodia, but home for us is Adelaide, Australia. This blog is about the goodness of our God and His unwavering grace and mercy for us.

Our phone rang this morning at 5.30am and as I stumbled out of bed I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to have a social call at this time of morning so my overly active imagination started quickly cycling through all of the “what ifs”!

It was my son in law Troy on the phone. My heart sank! My daughter is pregnant with twins and is about 15 weeks along. Please God, not the babies.

Troy proceeded to explain that our garage had been broken into overnight, the police were in attendance, and our cars had been broken into and thoroughly searched for money. Well, there was certainly no chance of that! A few Christian CDs perhaps is all they would have found.

It appeared that only the side swing door of the garage had been damaged as they pried it open, and the police thought the intruders had scaled our quite high fence!

My daughter and son in law are house-sitting for us while we’re away and a lot of their furniture and sporting equipment is stored in the garage, including some very expensive bicycles used for racing. Nothing was touched, not a single thing!

This photo is of a koala who recently paid a visit to a magnificent Gum Tree in our garden.

On rare occasions, we get koalas that visit our trees and when my daughter heard some clatter overnight she just thought it was a koala on the roof so she didn’t get up to investigate! Thank God she didn’t go outside to check.

As soon as I got off the phone withTroy, I then saw that a friend in Adelaide had sent us a ‘Messenger’ text several hours earlier. The Lord had alerted them to pray! Thank you, God, for friends and family who are obedient to the call of the Holy Spirit and pray when prompted to!

Here is the received message: “Good morning Champions! I woke up with you, Ruth & John, on my mind today & have been praying for you both. For protection- physical & spiritual, for clarity & revelation, for energy, for Jesus to put light onto your path, for favor & breakthrough, for alignment with His assignment. For a Fresh encounter with Jesus. Bless you both. You’re an inspiration to me & many others!”

Now some might say this is all a marvelous coincidence, but I would prefer to believe what I know to be true! That God sends his Guardian Angels to protect us from evil and harm…..that Holy Spirit stirs people in the middle of the night to pray and intercede on our behalf….and that God is good ALL the time!

So many opportunities to say thank you to our heavenly father today – thank you God!

Written by:  Ruth Bryan

Published on:  11/21/2017




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