Beautiful Cambodia!

by Sep 29, 2017Missions

We just landed in beautiful Cambodia and as soon as the plane wheels touched the ground my smile grew big. I can’t wait to see what God is going to this week!

While traveling here to Cambodia, I had some good solid time to just be with God. I began to wonder…what if every desire of our heart was answered immediately? What if every one of our dreams instantly came true? What if the supernatural became our way of life? So I asked God all of these things. He answered very simply, “seek me”.

This week while in Cambodia I am going to do just that. I will completely seek Him and pray away all distractions and fear that will no longer be allowed to linger! We are called to live free! He wants to answer the desires of our hearts because He is the one who put them there.

The very second I landed in Cambodia my heart was filled with complete happiness. My smile could not be hidden. I was taken over by instant joy and love for this land. Cambodia is a desire of my heart that God has made a reality for me. It is no longer a dream. It is now my miracle.

Let’s all join together and pray as we seek the Lord in a way like never before! Let’s all encourage one another through this time of seeking as we walk in Kingdom love. 

“Seek the LORD and “His strength; Seek His face continually.” – 1 Chronicles 16:11

Written by:  Barbara Rucci

Published on 9/29/17


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