God’s Treasure Hunters

by Apr 21, 2017Missions

Recently I had the opportunity to lead an outreach of love and encouragement in Maricopa, Arizona with a team of interns for Patricia King Ministries. This entire day was centered on God’s heart for the city and where He wanted our team to go. We were ready, willing, and excited to go as a team to utilize all of our different strengths. Most of our team had not been on outreaches like this on a regular basis, so this was definitely a faith walk. The disciples in Jesus’ time, just like our team, consisted of people with different personalities and giftings, but like them, our team was willing to just “go”.

Jesus never put stipulations on sharing the gospel. He didn’t say this many people need to be healed, or this amount of people have to accept me as their Savior. He simply said,“Go”! God’s heart is that none should perish but that all would have eternal life, so we are to go as God’s messengers of light and life! I emphasized to call out the treasure in each person we came across, and allow God to move in their hearts!

Mark 16:15 – And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”

 God loves our faith and loves when we simply step out not knowing everything in advance. He loves when we can trust Him to show us the way because He is the one who knows what each person needs at that specific time. I encouraged them to go to greater levels of boldness and faith with Holy Spirit as their guide to shift the atmosphere and hearts of the people that they would encounter.

The picture above is a woman (in the middle) that was playing with her children at Pacana Park. I simply walked up to her and said, “Hello”. I told her that we were in the area giving love and encouragement to the community, and asked if we could give her some? She was a little taken back since this isn’t normally what people walk up to you and say! God told us to tell her that He was so pleased with her as a mother to her children and how much she loves them! She was so touched, and grateful. Diane (pictured above on the right), saw she was wearing a splint on her ankle and offered her prayer. She gladly accepted!

Then Rachael and I met this young girl that was walking home from school. I said hi to her, and asked her how her day went at school. It’s funny that people are so taken off guard at such a simple question. We got to talking and Holy Spirit told us that she had many talents and was very smart. She smiled as we shared God’s heart with her. We asked her if she needed any prayer for school, family, or friends, and she said school. She said she was struggling in social studies and needed an “A” to go on her field trip at the end of the year. So we held hands in agreement as Rachael prayed for her. God also wanted me to encourage her about protecting her purity in her words, actions, sexuality, and those she hangs out with. I told her it’s “cool” to say no to certain things and that God would give her the strength in every situation she ever faced. I gave her a high five as any good “coach” would, and Rachael and I went to find some more people to encourage. I am a former teacher and coach to kids this age so I figured “coach” was the most appropriate word to use.

There were many great things that happened on this outreach day, but I’ll save the best for last! Remember how I said God gifts us in different ways? Well He highlighted that with this family. (dad and two sons) Elgonda, my friend, chose to be a prayer intercessor back at home praying for our team as we went out. I told her to text me anything the Lord told her about us reaching the right people. She knew we were going to Walmart and immediately I got a text saying, “There’s a dad buying a bike for his son, go to that isle.” Well, guess what.. our team walked to the bike isle and there they were! A dad buying a bike for his son! WOW! I even showed the dad the text Elgonda sent and he was blown away! I was too! That’s the power of working together as a TEAM! There’s no “I” in team, we are the “body” of Christ for a reason and God gets the glory when He sees His “kids” working together in such harmony!

We prayed a blessing over this dad and his two sons and let’s just say it took their faith in Jesus to a whole new level! My God is amazing! I ask you today… “Do you know of Him, or do you know Him personally?” Invite Him into your heart today, by asking Jesus to forgive your sins, and watch Him totally transform your life into something you could never even dream of! He did it for me, and He’ll do it for YOU! You are His treasure and amazing gift to this world!

John 14:6

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

 Written  by:  Hilary  Lynne


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