Saying Yes to God

by Apr 4, 2017Missions

One year ago at 3:30 am, The Lord woke me up and spoke these words to me – “Southeast Asia”. I had no idea what it meant so I grabbed my phone and looked it up. Cambodia was the first word I saw. God then began to speak to me about Cambodia. As I learned more, I realized that I was falling in love with a place that I never even knew existed. Two weeks after His words woke me up, I was asked to go to Cambodia. I, of course, said yes!

Still not knowing why I was going, I got on the plane for literally the journey of my life. After 27 hours of travel and asking myself over and over “what am I doing going to Cambodia?”. I got off the plane and in an instant, I knew why God brought me there. The very second my feet touched the ground, my heart filled with love and my spirit rose to a new place. At this same moment, God showed me a dark gray cloud that is going to be lifted off Cambodia. He showed me the land as it will very soon be and He filled me with a love for a place like I have never known. It was at this very moment that the long awaited answer to my question “Who am I and what is my identity in Christ” was answered. I have never felt more at home with who I was and where I was.

After spending a week there and having my life changed, I began to realize the reason God called me there. It’s simply to be love and see how this love will change lives there. We went to the slums, specifically the Kids Justice House of Prayer and then again, another piece fit in my puzzle of Cambodia. The children there instantly became part of my heart, my life, and now my new family. I was involved in many activities during this time. As the trip was growing close to ending, we had a debriefing meeting. It was a time I will always treasure. This is when I was asked by God to sponsor a child. I had no intention of doing this when I got there, but I do know God’s voice and I certainly know to listen to it. A staff member asked which child would I like to sponsor. I said ‘God will pick the child” and of course He did. My sponsor son has changed my life. Our two separate families are now considered one family. I recently have returned from my second trip to Cambodia. The first thing I wanted to do was see my sponsor son. When I saw him, I was so humbled by what God was doing. Because of one simple “YES”, I am now exactly where I am supposed to be. I am called to Cambodia, I am called to be in his life and I know without a doubt, that my sponsor son’s footsteps now depend on my footsteps. I often tell people “my heart is now shaped like Cambodia”. With much encouragement, I urge you to press into God’s presence and ask Him in what area is He waiting for you to say “YES”. This will for sure change the lives of others, and you will stand in amazement on how your own life will be forever changed.

Written by: Barbara Rucci


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