Jesus Loves the Little Children

by Jan 24, 2017Missions

We went to Cambodia at the end of October 2016. It seems like a long time ago, but it has only been a couple of months. We are seniors and we represent our senior group in Maricopa, Arizona. There were three of us who went. We did not know what to expect, except what we had heard from others who have gone before. We worked very hard to raise money for two out of the three that were going. We baked cookies, cooked a dinner, and had a huge yard sale. Through all of these things we were able to raise the money needed to go. Yay God! He helped us all along the way. Another good thing about it is that we really got acquainted in new ways as we worked together to raise money for our trip.

I want to tell you about one particular experience. It was with the children of the women in the XP Missions Everlasting Love program. It was located in a slum area. One of the staff members whose name is John is working with this particular group of children. He calls this “The Prayer House” and it is for the children. We were all so impressed to see the way he worked with the children. He explained to us that he had been teaching them about the gifts of the spirit, the baptism in the spirit and the new language that they would receive. As we drove to the area, we prayed, and got acquainted with John and the things that he was doing.  
I would like to take you there with us into the little place where the children meet. It looked almost like a stable of some kind. It had a very low ceiling, and no walls. There were places where you could not stand up, and all of the children and the adults that came with them were squatting. Now, as seniors, some of us do not squat too well, so we found a ledge and sat on it. There was a dirt floor but that did not bother any of them. We greeted the children and their mothers and a grandfather and grandmother. They all seemed so eager and receptive.
One thing that stood out to me is that everywhere we went, children of all ages were hungry. Hungry for real love, for acceptance, for hope, for learning.  So we gave love, hope, acceptance and many words of destiny for them.
It was my turn to teach and impart, so I chose the story of David and Goliath. I decided to tell it to them as if we were at the library and it was story telling time but with one twist. I had the children act out the parts. We had a David, a Goliath, David’s brothers and the armies of Israel. Those that did not have an individual part were the armies. They had such fun and really grasped the story of how God can use one person who believes in God and trusts Him in a mighty way. I also related it to the dunamis power of God. Then I asked them if there was any who had not received Jesus into their hearts and there were two. All of the children rushed to pray for them and they received. It was awesome!!

Then, wonder of wonders, I asked who had not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Almost all of them raised their hands. Then, I asked, “who has received their prayer language?” Only two raised their hands. So, of course, I said “how many want to receive their prayer language?” Star then proceeded to tell them the benefits of that language. So, we prayed again and the Holy Spirit began to work! First we noticed that more and more children began to receive, then the grandmother and the grandfather said they also wanted to receive. As the Holy Spirit began to move, we noticed a group around John and they were all excitedly speaking in tongues. As things built, they were proudly displaying their new languages.

Wow! God was really showing off through His little ones! We will never forget how God was working in that special prayer room. You see, it does not matter if there is a special environment for God to move. He will move in any place, whether it is on a dirt floor in Cambodia, in a king’s palace, or just an ordinary room in your home.

We learned that the little ones can sometimes be the most spontaneous, most powerful, and most genuine of all in the body of Christ. There is something so fresh and innocent in the little ones. It does not matter where you are, or who you are, you can be an encourager to the little ones. You can inspire them to do wonderful things for God. They are the most receptive because it was not so long ago that they saw the Father face to face! We can all be used to bring the little ones to Him.

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” -Matthew 19:14 

Written by: Joyce Euren


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