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Jeff and Karin joined the staff of Extreme Love Ministries in 2020, bringing 10 years of experience helping to fight human trafficking and slavery, rescue and restore those victimized, and prevent the most vulnerable from future exploitation.

They have traveled to 20 of the world’s poorest nations to help the oppressed, exploited and marginalized, and have been engaged in the work of ELM for several years.

Jeff helps support the mission of ELM as the Creative Design and Marketing Director. Although much of his work is behind the scenes, his love for photography and desire to personally meet those ELM helps means he regularly visits our project sites to document the impact you’ve made through this ministry.

Karin furthers the mission of ELM as the Public Relations and Fundraising Director. She is very relational and enjoys connecting with both our donors and beneficiaries. She also works hard to bring awareness about human trafficking and slavery to everyone she meets, often advocating about this issue before churches and other groups.

Jeff and Karin both came to the Lord as young adults. At that time they never imagined they’d be serving God around the world. One day Jesus’ familiar words in Matthew 25 about the sheep and the goats spoke to them with new clarity and conviction. They began earnestly seeking how they could serve Jesus better by serving the “least of these,” which eventually led them to forsaking their secular jobs and entering full time into missions.

Jeff and Karin reside in Western Pennsylvania and have six grown boys.



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