Children have the right to LIFE…and the right to be PROTECTED

Protecting children is one of our defining values. 

But in the slum communities of Cambodia, where men and women are often enslaved by addictions, poverty and exploitation, children do not receive that protection.

We started VIEW (Victim Interaction and Engagement for Wholeness) to address this need that’s so close to the heart of our heavenly father. 

Families are also central to God’s plan, so our efforts to protect children always starts with trying to help families. Sometimes counseling, economic assistance such as training and microloans, or other interventions provide the protection needed for children.

children in a slum

At other times that’s not enough. Or parental family members are not willing to change. Or worse, children are viewed only in terms of their monetary value. When faced with any of these scenarios, intervention is necessary to ensure the safety of children.

In the slums of Cambodia, human trafficking and other forms of exploitation rob untold numbers of children of these rights. Extreme Love Ministries seeks to identify these children, rescue them, and restore their fundamental, God-given rights. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing come next.

Our casework team coordinates these efforts with a network of government officials, police, investigators, social workers, and like-minded non-profit organizations to ensure successful, lasting results.

Our primary goals are to:

    • make sure rescued children do not fall back into the hands of the person(s) who sold them, and
    • provide rescued children with safe, ongoing care and restoration to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Extreme Love Ministries seeks to keep children in families, but when safe, long-term kinship care options are not available, we consider alternatives. Our Hope House shelter is one such care option, and our network of partner ministries here in Cambodia provides many more.

You can help rescue children. Join our casework team through your prayers and financial gifts.

(*In agreement with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child)

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