Almost 30 million people are living as slaves worldwide . . . but there is hope.

We can see an end to modern-day slavery in our lifetime!

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Help End Human Trafficking

We believe in the power of God’s love to save, heal, and restore all. Human trafficking affects every nation, people group, and socioeconomic status. Everyday men, women, and children are trafficked for sex, labor, and begging worldwide. Countless millions are crying out right now for rescue from poverty, oppression, and bondage. Children around the world are looking for advocates who will hear their cry. XP Missions is committed to bringing God’s light into the darkness. You can be a part of the transformation of nations – one life at a time.

There is hope. Be a part of the solution.

You are never too old or too young to be a part. Be inspired by the Girls of Courage. They are making a difference – one child at a time.

A Debt of Love

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.  ~ Romans 13:8 Some translations say, “let love be your only debt.” Have you ever owed anything to anyone or had an outstanding debt? To...

Kid’s Justice House of Prayer

A few days ago I returned from my trip to Cambodia. I have said this before and I will keep saying it, “God has turned my heart into the shape of Cambodia”. My love for that land and the beautiful people there grows every time I go there. Every trip there is unique in...

An Invitation to Arise

The other day I felt a bit “off”. I knew things weren’t right, but I wasn’t quite sure what was going on and how to fix it.  The next morning I sat down with a mentor who spoke into my life. They said it seemed I was believing lies which I had actually chosen to...

Leaving the “Movement” Behind

I’m leaving the justice movement.  No, I haven’t given up. I haven’t stopped caring.  I certainly haven’t forgotten the voiceless, the captives, or the oppressed. I won’t stop speaking out and doing what I can to make a difference. I just don’t want to be part of a...

Endurance that Builds Character

Recently in Chicago, on a hot humid morning, I found myself discovering the reality of Kingdom principles. The incredible power that is available to me when I have fully relied on the strength of the Lord to sustain me always comes in a spiritual exchange for my human...

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