Almost 30 million people are living as slaves worldwide . . . but there is hope.

We can see an end to modern-day slavery in our lifetime!

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Help End Human Trafficking

We believe in the power of God’s love to save, heal, and restore all. Human trafficking affects every nation, people group, and socioeconomic status. Everyday men, women, and children are trafficked for sex, labor, and begging worldwide. Countless millions are crying out right now for rescue from poverty, oppression, and bondage. Children around the world are looking for advocates who will hear their cry. XP Missions is committed to bringing God’s light into the darkness. You can be a part of the transformation of nations – one life at a time.

There is hope. Be a part of the solution.

You are never too old or too young to be a part. Be inspired by the Girls of Courage. They are making a difference – one child at a time.

Happy Resurrection!

I love this time of year when we give our time and attention to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus and the power of the cross. The Gospel, which is very good news, was a result of everything Jesus purchased for us on the cross.  This is the foundation of any...

The 3-D Gospel

While doing door-to-door prayer ministry in one of the garbage dump slums of Phnom Penh, there she was in front of me: a beautiful young woman in her early twenties. I so desperately wanted to communicate God’s deep love for her and that He had a hope-filled future...

The Gathering of the Nations

A few days ago, I asked the Lord for a song and He gave me the title "It’s the Gathering of the Nations”.  The first line is the title and the second is "It’s a Holy convocation, it’s the gathering of the nations of the Lord. It’s a glory celebration, of every tribe...

The Shift

I have never experienced a spiritual season like the one I am seeing now. It is not only a shift in the spirit, but also in the atmosphere. The best I can compare this to would be the time of the “Upper Room”. Mark 14:15 says, "And he himself will show you a large...

The Matchless Love of God

This month I felt to write my blog about the love of God. At first, I wasn’t so sure about the topic. I thought, “Maybe we’ve all heard about this enough? Maybe this is being sort of repetitive and we already know about the love of God?” But then I thought about it,...

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