So Many More Need You.

So many lives were changed in 2023!

By God’s grace and your generosity we look back with tremendous gratitude. We say thank you on behalf of the many you helped.

2024 lies ahead. More need God’s love, expressed through the hands and feet of His people . . . people like you who faithfully partner in this work. We all have an invaluable part to play, and God wants to partner with us to bring His kingdom to this earth.

We know it’s going to take even more of His abundant grace, and resources, to step through the many new (or expanding) doors of opportunity God has placed before us.

But when all of us come together, that will mean more rescued in 2024. More children protected from human trafficking. More trained and educated. More freed from the chains of poverty. More saved and discipled by Jesus’ love.

Stand in the gap for the abused and exploited by making the “more” possible in the year ahead.