Quality. Value. Purpose. Hope.

Shop products that make you look good...and do good for a former victim of exploitation.

The Store that Changes Lives

Extreme Love Ministries created the Everlasting Love (EL) program as a social business to help individuals formerly exploited through human trafficking or prostitution become truly free and self-sufficient.

That happens when we provide them with marketable skills that enable them to earn a living wage, and by teaching them skills that help them succeed in life. But more than that, EL disciples them in God’s love, giving them a foundation of hope and dignity they can pass on to their families, breaking cycles of poverty.

Each product in our store is individually hand-crafted to the highest standard by those in our program. Each item bears the stamp of quality, value, purpose and hope. Visit our store today, return often, invite your friends. Your purchases change lives for good!

P.S., Make an even bigger impact by hosting a purse party or by selling EL products through your store, website, or other venue. Click here to find out more!