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You received access to this page because you want to Be A Voice to help bring justice and end human trafficking. Thank you so much for your willingness to use you God-give voice, talents, resources, or whatever it is He is calling on you to share with others!

The ELM team wants to do all we can to help make your event successful — and we hope there will be more to follow!

ELM communicates its message and mission through people like you — you are vital to the success of what God is doing! And to make that task possible, we’ve created a range of printed and printable files that you can access to help with your event. We also have made available a PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of what ELM does.

For very small events, we are happy to send you a selection that’s already printed. For medium or large events we ask that you download print-ready files found on this page and send them to a local or online print company. It’s pretty simple, but we know some are new at this sort of thing. Since you have access to this page, it’s likely you’ve received some help from our staff already, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions or you are having trouble with downloads, printing or presentation.

NOTE:  We at ELM desire to communicate our message clearly, honestly, and with excellence, as that affects how those new to this ministry perceive our work. So we ask that you choose a reputable printer to print brochures and such. Although content such as articles and newsletters are simply formatted and can usually be printed by a good quality church/office laser printer/copier, the other materials must be printed only by a professional print service.

We look forward to praising God by your side for the success of your event!

These brochures, flyers and rack cards must be printed by a local or online professional print shop
Below you’ll find informative content easily viewed or printed from home, church or office
More resources

If you are planning to host a purse party or similar event at which you will be offering handcrafted products from our EL (Everlasting Love) Store, click the button to view our current selection. We update our products regularly, so be sure to bookmark our store for future events and personal shopping!

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