We didn’t even know her real name. Everyone just called her “Yey,” which means grandmother. At 85 and very sick, she moved in with her daughter about two months ago so she could be cared for, since doctors said they couldn’t help. In addition to her own children, Yey raised three more.

Soon after moving in with her daughter, Yey started coming with her to our Shiloh fellowship meetings. These gatherings are church plants in enemy territory (the worst slums of Phnom Penh) that enable us to worship God, share the gospel, and disciple new believers on their own turf, helping us to bring kingdom influence to the whole community.

Although a lifelong Buddhist, Yey listened with interest as we shared about God’s love. It wasn’t long before she put her trust in Jesus! The change in her heart was immediate. Peace and joy filled her heart. Two weeks later she slipped quietly into the arms of her new Savior.

Yey’s encounter with the Lord might not have happened if you hadn’t helped us establish a Shiloh fellowship in that community two years ago. Since those first days of outreach, we’ve had to meet in front of the shack-like homes of believers—an often busy thoroughfare of pedestrians, carts, and motorbikes—because there was no rental space available. We spent that time building relationships with community leaders and meeting pressing needs for food, clothing, and school supplies, and also helping to protect those at risk from trafficking.

It’s paid off. God has given us great favor and spiritual authority in that dark place–and just last month we were blessed with access to a clean, bright rented space for our meetings! We believe that, through your generosity, you were a part of the team that enabled Grandmother to meet Jesus and graduate into His presence. Thank you!


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