An amazing “growth” opportunity came to us last year and now, after scouting locations to start, we’ve jumped in—thanks to your support and a very knowledgeable addition to our team.

This opportunity has birthed an agriculture and discipleship program based on a proven miracle called Farming God’s Way. First developed in Africa, it has already revolutionized the lives of thousands of poor subsistence farmers.

But what’s farming got to do with the ministry of ELM?

This farming is different.

Subsistence farmers in rural Cambodia and in much of the world live under great economic pressure for many reasons. During hard times they cannot grow enough food to feed their families. This can lead destitute a farmer in Cambodia to make a choice of survival—send his oldest child to find work in the city, even though she usually has no marketable skills and little education. If he cannot feed all of his children, he might sell one to traffickers.

Farming God’s Way (FGW) can change that. It can help farming families prosper and protect kids from trafficking. And it will help bring the transforming power of the gospel to those who’ve never heard it before. All these things are what our hearts beat for here at ELM!

We’re already putting FGW principles to work, with the goal of providing healthy organic coffee, moringa, and other produce for the cafe we hope to open one day. We’re even implementing FGW methods right here in the city of Phnom Penh on the rooftop of our office, and in the garden of our Hope House shelter for rescued kids.

This is a game changer! Watch for more details about FGW to come.

[12/2022 update: The pandemic put the brakes on our FGW plans, as did our need to redirect funds to more urgent needs. We hope to get back on track in 2023, and ask for your prayers—and if so led, your gifts—to see these kingdom plans succeed.]


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