During this month many of you are are looking for a white Christmas, and most trees have lost their leaves—and certainly none are bearing fruit!

But here in Cambodia the fruit is ripening, as you’ll read in the two brief testimonies below—and we’re so grateful you’ve helped prepare us for the harvest!

Mental health issues can be very challenging wherever one lives, but especially among the poor in developing nations, where care is virtually non-existent.

But a key part of the ministry of ELM is transformation through education and discipleship, and we’re thrilled to report this month that our efforts—with your partnership—are bearing fruit!

This time it came through one of our Education Empowerment Program (EEP) students. She (pictured above left with her big sister) brought us in contact with her mentally ill mother, whom we’ve been able to help support and offer counsel (including the rest of her family). Recently, we’ve seen significant improvement in her mother, and family life has grown increasingly more peaceful—thank you Lord!


ELM exists to protect high-risk children and teens from becoming trapped in the life of prostitution or as victims of human trafficking. The primary way we do that is through relationship building, which gives us opportunities to speak into their lives, show that they are loved, and disciple them. Partners like you make this possible.

We’ve been developing a relationship with one high-risk teen girl (above right), who had already been sexually abused, for some time. Now we’re helping her find solutions that will prevent her from entering a life of prostitution and further exploitation. Praise God for this open door!

Thank you so much for helping to make this fruit possible!

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