Another precious one is now thriving and in safe care. With a severe heart condition, our team had been keeping close watch on a boy who lived and worked on the streets for about five years. We had assisted him and his family in various ways throughout the years, in order to keep them safe. Yet, sadly, he had experienced ongoing neglect, abuse, and pressure from his guardians to beg for the family. A pediatric cardiologist showed great concern that if his current living conditions and way of life continued, it would shorten his lifespan. Our team would often find him walking along the streets shirtless and shoe-less, lungs and heart working overtime in keeping him going. He had been abused and exploited. Wandering through the red light and tourist communities, he did all he could to make money for he and his family.

Knowing the urgency to get him into safe care, our team worked with the government to place in him in a partner children’s home.

God’s hand was on him in the transition, bringing continued healing and hope. We believe His Heavenly Father will restore his heart: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. He will learn through this new family what healthy love looks like. And in this home, his heart will be made whole.

Our little one is thriving now with his new extended family in the safe house which he affectionately and confidently calls “my house.”

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