Tevy* takes care of 3 children and her husband, who is currently unemployed. Her boss at the warehouse told her they’d been hit hard because of the COVID-19 crisis, so for more than two weeks Tevy had zero income. She felt “stressed and couldn’t sleep at night . . . wondering how we will find money to pay our rent and income to eat.”

But then God (and donors like you—His hands and feet) sent Extreme Love to her slum community to distribute emergency portions of food to help families make it through for a month. Joy and relief! The distribution couldn’t have come at a better time, she told us.

After receiving the rice, Tevy asked our team if they could also pray that she’d find work again. They were happy to. And then later, that very day, she got a call from her boss—telling her he had more work for her. She couldn’t believe it . . . God had provided food, and now work!! Tevy confirmed in her heart that day that Jesus really is Lord, because the God we worshiped had provided for her!

Thank you for blessing and sustaining Tevy and her family. Please pray for God’s provision so our Extreme Love team can help more economic victims like Tevy, and that many more testimonies like hers will come forth, bringing many lost Cambodians to Jesus.

**names have been changed to protect individuals