Vanna*, a grandmother of two little girls, had no choice but to close her small food cart. This meant the 66-year-old could no longer pay her rent, so the landlord locked them out of their home. (The mothers of the girls, Vanna’s daughters, have been trying to earn money to stave off hunger by selling their bodies, but with the pandemic their work opportunities are few.)

Homeless and sleeping outside, this left them exposed and the children extremely at-risk to trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

Our casework team quickly responded, getting this family back into their home. Vanna was also thrilled to receive a parcel of food that included several weeks worth of rice, noodles and canned fish…she now has hope! In the coming months, your generous donations will continue to help her financially until she can restart her business so she can once again provide for herself and her granddaughters.

Please pray for our team as we provide discipleship, business coaching, and social support for this dear grandmother and her girls! Pray too that Extreme Love will have the finances to give hope to others like Vanna.

**names have been changed to protect individuals