We met Nancy* in the red light district of Phnom Penh. She was working in a local bar that many foreigners frequent. The day we met her we were talking with another lady when Nancy stopped us and asked if we would pray for her. When we asked what she’d like prayer for she said “that she would find another job.” We had to laugh, because she had no idea that we had a program that could help her. Soon after she was selected to join our Everlasting Love social business and training program, where she is now learning sewing skills and no longer has to work in prostitution.

Nancy had begun working in prostitution when her husband was injured in a work accident, and she had no money to support the family. One of her children was sick and needed medication, and she knew no other way to earn money to support them. She didn’t like the work she was doing but saw no other options, as she had no skills or education. She told us in tears that she hated the work but kept telling herself that it was for her family. She told us later that she didn’t know much about Jesus, but she believed he existed because he sent us to help her.

The first day she came into the program she said she felt so happy that she didn’t need to sell her body anymore. When she heard about Jesus and what he had done for her, she accepted him immediately. She said I want Jesus to completely wash away my sin like the white paper in the new journal we had given her so that she could have a new life. God has been lavishing His love on her through dreams and visions, and she is growing in her understanding of God and in her identity in Him.

Nancy also desired that her children could go to school. They were in a very at-risk situation because of their poverty. Her children are now flourishing in our daycare program, while the older ones are enrolled in our education sponsorship program and receiving private school education and school lunch support.

Nancy and her family are now living out what was once only a dream. They are growing in their faith and being transformed daily. We are so proud of them!

*Not her real name

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