A Lesson From Paul

Sometimes we get so busy taking care of life that we forget to let the Creator of Life take care of us. Recently I was in Rome and went to Mamertine Prison where Paul and Peter were imprisoned. As I entered into the bottom part of the rock formed prison I stopped for a moment to pray. I thought I would see all the torment that went on there. Instead, I was told to focus on love. I could hear God say that Paul had spoken of love here to many. God then said to write about His love and speak His love and to learn from the example that Paul set and the letters he wrote in this very place.

Paul was in many situations that quite honestly were cruel and in many ways torturous. Paul still remained so focused on God’s love and God’s voice. God showed him who He is, and Paul was completely surrounded by that love.

I feel as missionaries going into our field where God has called us is, this is almost the same as the way He called Paul. God knew what Paul was going to face and He filled him with strength, perseverance, and love that conquered all the darkness. Paul was a shining light in a very dark dungeon. Just as God equipped Paul, He will and is equipping us.

Later that week I traveled to Corinth, to the very same place where Paul ministered. Talk about impartation! I soaked it all up and am still processing words, visions and the plans that God has for me. Corinth is a land that will forever be in my heart and I hope to bring this experience to many Nations.

Actually, it’s quite simple, just display the love of God and He will take care of the rest. I pray for all of us as we go on our journeys of speaking and leading people to know His love. I break off any distractions that may be holding us back and I speak heavenly prosperity over each and everyone who reads this. It’s time for a new beautiful season of God’s love and His miracles. Keep drawing closer and closer to the One who loves you the most.

1 Corinthians 13:7, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

You are very loved.

Written by: Barbara Rucci

Published on: 6/29/18


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