The Father’s Heart

by Apr 27, 2018Missions

Have you noticed lately that there has been an emphasis on the Father’s heart? …Our Heavenly Father. Who He is, what He says about us, and who we are as His children. Maybe you’ve heard a friend talking about the Father’s heart, heard a podcast or sermon about it, recognized this theme in recent worship songs, or maybe God has personally been ministering to you and revealing who He is as Father to you.

Words over 2018 have spoken about this being a year of restoration and God moving in families. Malachi 4:6 was declared over the year … “And He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers.” God is doing a special work in families and there is an emphasis on FATHERS in this hour.

As much as we want to see restoration in our families here on the earth, we need to remember that first God is our Father. Everything is “from Him and through Him and to Him” (Romans 11:36). And when we seek Him and His kingdom above all else, everything else is taken care of (Matthew 6:33). I think that as we are “restored” to our Heavenly Father and a love relationship with Him, then we will see healing and restoration manifest in our natural world. When we come close to the Father, receive His love, and are restored in knowing our identity as His sons and daughters, we will see overflow into our families on earth. Prodigals will come home, families will be reconciled, and strained relationships will receive miraculous restoration.

God is longing to show His children all over the earth His Father’s heart. I think there’s a grace for us to know Him as Father in this hour. He is releasing revelation to know His Father’s heart (Ephesians 1:17-19). How beautiful is that? This father movement is coming at a time that we need it most – when we see a “fatherless generation” of young men and women rising up. This generation needs to know they are loved, accepted, provided for, and can rest in a Father’s embrace. Daddy is beckoning His children to come close. How He longs to embrace them in His arms! Do you hear your Daddy calling you to come close? Will you come to Him?

I had a picture of Father with His arms spread wide open inviting me to receive a hug from Him. He was ready to envelop me in His big, safe Daddy arms. But I was holding onto something that was keeping me from hugging Him. First I had to let go before my arms were free to wrap around Him. What might you need to let go of to receive your Father’s Love? Maybe it’s shame or self-hatred or fear that you are gripping tight. Why don’t you let them go right now and run freely into your Father’s embrace? Receive the love He longs to lavish upon you!

A song that conveys the Father’s heart so well is “Born Again” by Cory Asbury. Check out this link to see the official music video:


Some of the lyrics of the song are:

“Cause You’re the only friend

Who can set my soul at ease.

In the quiet pride of my Father’s eyes

I remember who I am.

When I feel the warmth of my Father’s smile

Feels like I’ve been born again.

I’ve been born again. ”

We find ourselves in our Father’s eyes and in His Love. Why don’t you soak in that today? Your Daddy loves you and is calling you to find yourself in Him. He’s inviting you to come and rest awhile in His arms. Get excited because He longs to bring restoration and reconciliation to your other relationships, including your family!

You are loved!

Written by: Jacqueline Bixler
Published on 4/27/18


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