The Joy of New Life

by Apr 4, 2018Missions

Life has been exceptionally busy in our home for the last nine months as my daughter and son in law prepared for the arrival of twins. A boy and a girl!  As we were preparing to head off to Cambodia for five months to work with XP Missions, Troy and Ashleigh moved into our home to ‘house sit’ for us while their new home was being built. We arrived home in mid-December and of course, there were delays with the completion of their home, so we all squeezed into our house for a few months.

We soon learned that twins often arrive early so the stopwatch was running…would the twins arrive before the completion of the new house? As much as we all wanted the house to be finished and set up before the new arrivals, it didn’t happen that way! The twins arrived four weeks early. These precious little bundles had a few challenges to start with and had to spend two and half weeks in the hospital being monitored carefully and given special care to give them the very best start possible.

Little baby Brooks (boy) and Noa (girl) came and stayed in our home for just a week or so. They are the most marvelous time wasters – you could sit and stare at them all day long. Perfection in human form. Their highly anticipated arrival has brought so much joy and love into our home. It was such a blessing to have these tiny little bundles live with us for a short while. It brought home to me how the heavens rejoice, the very angels of God sing for joy when just one sinner who repents. God knows our end from our beginning so it’s no surprise to our heavenly Father when it is finally time for the second birth.

I had this mental image of angels peeking over the edge of heaven cheering on the birthing process for each one of us as we reconciled our lives to the Son of God and accepted his unconditional love. Sometimes the second birth is pretty quick and painless, but for others the birth pangs are agonizing and new life doesn’t come easily.  God has everything under control, His timing is perfect – never early and never late. At our predestined time we accept His grace and love, and our new life.

The work of our brothers and sisters in Cambodia, and around the world, is to share the magnificent message of God’s love for each person they come in contact with. To bring reconciliation and share with them their true identity in Christ. At their appointed time the angels of God will too rejoice over them as they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

Written by: Ruth Bryan
Published on 4/4/18


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