Where is My Trust?

by Jan 30, 2018Missions

I’ve never really been an incredible beach lover. I’m probably one of the only Aussies ever to say this, but I have really enjoyed the lessons God has been teaching me about the oceans, particularly storms, and His unwavering commitment to be my anchor.

While we were in Cambodia I had this real sense to resign from my job back in Australia. I have always had great jobs and genuinely enjoyed God’s favor in my employment, so to leave a job with absolutely nothing to go to was foreign territory for me. It was a real step of faith and pretty exciting at the same time. We arrived home from Cambodia (after 5 months there) in early December. I then went straight back to my old job for just two weeks to tidy up and complete a handover. Then I was officially ‘unemployed’.

In the third week of January, I decided to start poking around in the employment market to see what was available. Realistically I was expecting the process to take two or three months.

The next Sunday morning we were in church and a line from one of the songs just leaped out at me …”You’re my anchor in the waves.”

Then God spoke to me and said ‘who is your anchor in the waves Ruth? Is it your money….your position…..your rational reasoning…..is it power?’ Then I saw a picture of Jesus in an old wooden fishing boat that was being tossed about by the waves. Once I saw Jesus he just grew bigger and bigger and bigger until the fishing boat looked like a matchbox with ‘Christ the Redeemer’ standing in it. In fact, Jesus was so large, and the boat so small that you couldn’t even see the storm or waves anymore – it was just Jesus! It was so powerful. “Jesus, you are the anchor in my waves”. So when I keep my eyes fixed on Him, everything else pales in comparison.

On Monday morning I received an email from a ‘headhunter’ asking if we could have a chat about an interesting role he was recruiting for. One thing led to another and after a few phone conversations with various people, and one face to face chat, I was offered a new job. A great job with great money and a superb location! I cheekily even asked for 10% more money than they offered, and without blinking they agreed! They have offered me incredible flexibility, just three days per week for the first two months so I can support my daughter in the lead up to the birth of her twins. God is good…all the time!

An anchor is in a ship ALL the time, through fair weather and foul! Ready to launch into action when called upon. How wonderful to be reminded that Jesus, as our anchor, is there with us all of the time. Not just to call upon in times of trouble but to shower us with blessings and show us his favor. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that You are my anchor and my trust should always be in You. Thank you for your generous favor towards me, and thank you for your promptings to share the extra financial blessings you have entrusted to me. Amen.

Written by:  Ruth Bryan
Published on 1/30/18


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