“Bah” Moments

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When I was a baby just learning how to talk, my first word (and only word for quite some time) was “bah.” Mom was “bah.” Dad was “bah.” My siblings were “bah.” My food, sippy cup, and toys were all “bah.”

I think it’s so much fun when God brings things full circle and reveals His creativity and personality in the process. Here’s an example: about a month into my language studies in Cambodia, I was in class one day and learning vocabulary. That particular day, we were learning family names. When my teacher told me what the Khmer word for father was, I was stunned. “Bah.”

I immediately remembered my first baby word. Who would’ve ever known that my first “English” word was actually a Cambodian word for daddy? To me, it was a sweet reminder of my heart’s cry for intimacy with my Heavenly Daddy. My Heavenly Bah. I had always grown up in the church and heard about and prayed to my Heavenly Father, but I did not have a growing relationship with Him, and honestly didn’t know how to cultivate one.

One day, as an adult, a new friend of mine started to pray out loud. I marveled as I listened to her speaking from a place of identity as a daughter of her Heavenly Father. She prayed as if He was standing right there in the room next to us. Up until that point, I didn’t realize how personal a relationship with Him could be.

From that point on, I intentionally began to get to know my Heavenly Father, and our relationship has continued to grow and flourish more each day.

May this year of 2018 be blessed and fruitful for you, and may you have many of your own fun God “bah” moments too!

Written by: Cathy Cupp
Published on 1/19/2017


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