Keep Your Tank Full!

by Jan 13, 2018Missions

Life gets busy. We’ve all been there when it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. At times we as Christians get caught up in the busyness of life and forget how very important it is to spend that one on one personal time with God each day.

Last week I was going about my day and it seemed like every little thing was becoming frustrating as I tried to get things done. I have twin toddlers, and they bring me SO much joy, but at times it can be a bit overwhelming when they are both crying for my attention in the middle of something very important that has to be done. Anyway, on this particular day, I was just feeling impatient and frustrated with many little things that normally would not bother me at all.

I finally stopped and said out loud, “God, what is wrong with me?” And I heard so clearly from Him- “You are running on empty.” In other words, I had gotten so caught up during the busyness of the Holiday Season, and all that goes with it that I had not taken the time to stop and “fill up my tank”. By this, I mean I hadn’t spent any quality time with God. Sure, I had said on the go prayers and acknowledged God in my daily life, but this one on one personal time with Him is so important! If we are running through life on an empty tank then we also have nothing left to pour out to others including our family and people that God has assigned to us to help or encourage.

I have had the privilege of working for Patricia King for many years now, and I remember a few years ago she was able to go see Dr. Oral Roberts before he passed away. She said during that time he had invited a number of ministers to his home to pray over them and impart what he had to them.

During that time he allowed each of them to ask him a question. Patricia said she wanted to ask him how he had maintained his devotion life in the midst of many years of leading large mandates and assignments from the Lord. Another of his guests actually asked this question before it was her turn and she said she would never forget his answer. Oral Roberts called his daily time with the Lord his Sacred Time. He explained that when he went into his prayer closet that no one was allowed to interrupt him-including his wife and children. Everyone in his family and ministry respected his alone time with God. As a result, his ministry was extremely fruitful! Patricia said when she was prayed for by Oral, he asked her what she wanted to receive and she replied, “I want the Sacred Time!” He then prayed a powerful prayer of impartation over her and she said it had a huge impact on her devotional life.

At one point some years ago (and still to this day), Patricia decided that we as a ministry team would spend our first hour of each morning in prayer before starting our daily work at the office. I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh! How are we going to get our work done in only 7 hours a day?!” It seemed like we were already always running a little behind and I was worried that this would be a problem. I was surprised to see that after spending our first hour of the day in prayer that the workday would flow so much more smoothly! Things would just supernaturally fall into place and take half the time they normally would. Not only did praying for that first hour of the day not hinder our work day, but it actually multiplied our productivity and the fruits of our labor!

When we make our devotion time with God a priority, everything else goes so much smoother in life! Things just seem to fall into place and flow in the way they should. Sure, there will always be challenges to overcome, but it is so much easier to face things with a “full tank” of God.

Over the last week, since the Lord told me I was “running on empty” I have made sure to spend time each day filling up my tank. And let me tell you it has made a huge difference! It is my goal to keep this sacred time with God a priority in my daily life so that my tank is always filled to overflowing with enough not only for myself but so that I can pour out on others. I challenge you to do the same!

Written by:  Ginger Brown
Published on 1/12/2018



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