Super Powers

by Dec 8, 2017Missions

Many of us desire to walk in miracles like Jesus did. Personally, I have been pressing in more and more for this since moving to Cambodia. My desire is for the beautiful Khmer people to see God’s outrageous love and compassion for them in tangible ways through His mighty power. You see, it struck me one day how the majority of Cambodians are used to only worshipping gods (little g) that they can see. My heart is to bring forth the reality and presence of a God (big G) that they cannot see.

There are instances in the Bible of people coming to Jesus after they saw Him work in supernatural ways. One of my favorites is in John 4 when the woman at the well went into town to testify of Jesus: “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” (vs. 29) Then it says, “Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony, ‘He told me everything I ever did.’” (vs. 39) Jesus had never met her before, yet He knew by the Holy Spirit intimate details of her life. Not only was her life forever changed, but all who heard as well. I could go on and on of the accounts of Jesus healing the people, casting out evil spirits with just a word, and loads of other amazing acts.

In the book, Anointed for Burial, Todd Burke testifies of the outpouring of revival in Cambodia in the few years leading up to Khmer Rouge in the 70’s. During one house meeting in particular for Buddhist skeptics, everyone started smelling smoke. The men ran upstairs and one of the spirit houses had spontaneously caught on fire. They threw it out the window as it burned down to nothing. This was such a sign and a wonder that the people ran to get their idols. They threw them in with the spirit house and had a huge bonfire and gave their hearts to Jesus.

I recently returned to the USA to have some medical issues taken care of, and just a couple of days ago, I went in for a follow-up appointment. The doctor’s assistant and I had made a sweet connection the last time I was there several months ago, and I was looking forward to seeing her. She came bounding into the room, gave me a huge hug, and pointing to her thumb, excitedly said, “Look!  No scar!” I quickly searched the files in my brain to have a reference point of what she was talking about. No luck. “Don’t you remember? You prayed for my grease burn last time you were here! It was so bad and layers of skin had been damaged. Everyone said it would scar badly. But you prayed and there’s hardly a trace!” 

Then it all came back to me. I had seen her hand wrapped in gauze and doused with Vaseline. The compassion of the Lord was so strong in my heart for her! Although I was nervous and my heart was pounding wildly, I asked if I could pray for healing for her. I explained that I pray in the Name of Jesus and that He is the Healer, and we could see what God might do. She went on,“You have superpowers!” I giggled at how innocent her statement was and told her it wasn’t me, but Jesus! And then she conceded. “Well, you know how to use superpowers well.”

We rejoiced together at the miracle right there in her office, and I marveled at how personal our loving Savior is and how He met this precious one in need right where she was. I also rejoiced at how accessible these “superpowers” are to all of us who believe in Jesus!

In closing, as we move into the holiday season and beyond, let’s look for opportunities as we go about our “usual” day to touch the lives of others with the heart of Jesus. Let’s see what He might do! Lives can be forever changed to know God by us just being “us,” and we will find that the miraculous is not so far away.

Written by:  Cathy Cupp

Published on: 12/8/2017


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