Powerful Prayers

by Oct 17, 2017Missions

As you may have seen in our recent blog posts from XP Missions, we have had a lot going on in Cambodia recently. We had two events over the past several weeks and they were both so powerful! The nations are forever changed! God is so mighty and mighty in us.

I want to share a little about our first event which was “Operation Prayer Strike Cambodia”. This event was centered around taking cities and nations through strategic decrees and intercession. We were empowered in our identity as being sons of God and having authority in Christ to release His Kingdom and power here in the earth. WOW – how cool is that?! 

During this event, we traveled to strategic locations to pray. I want to share about one day in particular when we went to Poipet, a city on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. This city has been a target city of the enemy for corruption, oppression, and injustice. Children, men, and women are at risk for trafficking and exploitation on the border. There is poverty and in the natural things might not look bright or hopeful. BUT this is where the children of God step in! This is where we step in as ones who carry authority in Christ and we decree the word of God and speak truth over the nations. 

One morning we went to a slum community in this city and Holy Spirit lead us to some train tracks that ran alongside the community. This was very strategic because these train tracks are actually under construction right now and will eventually link Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We would get to touch these 3 nations and more! It was an important moment in history as our group stood together in unity and prayed and decreed out of our authority in Christ. We spoke truth and the word of God over the nations. We called things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17). We called in the Kingdom of heaven to that place (Matthew 6:10). Walking away, it felt as though we accomplished something huge. It felt as though a stake had been put in the ground and the nations would never be the same.

After this event, I have a new perspective and gained new revelation on the power of prayer. I think it’s cool how I learned from experience. I learned by going out with the Body of Christ. Together we released prayers from a place of knowing who we are because of who our God is.  

Your prayers are powerful. Believe that you can change a nation or maybe even a situation you are facing … our God is big and nothing is impossible with Him!

Written by:  Jacqueline Bixler

Published on: 10/17/2017


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