Part 2: When Rescue Looks Like…a Broom Cart

by Apr 28, 2017Missions

Do you remember Iris? We shared a bit of her story with you about a month ago. Our team met Iris, a mom of three, when she was in a desperate place of considering selling her baby. Previously a domestic violence victim, Iris was trying to rebuild her life with limited skills and money. The pressures kept building as she strived to provide for her small children. As someone suggested selling her baby to a couple they knew who could not have children, it sounded more and more like the only solution to her problems. And then God intercepted the plan and crossed our path with Iris.

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The Lord began to speak to us about helping Iris launch a small business to provide a stable income for her family and prevent the selling of her baby. Iris expressed a desire to have a broom cart business in which she would move about her neighborhood selling household items to the community. As we gave the invitation for you to partner in launching Iris’ broom cart business, a generous donation quickly came in!

Our casework team got to work writing a contract agreement to bring Iris under the mentorship of XP Missions so her business can grow successfully. Our team also wanted to give Iris the opportunity to learn more about Jesus and for her to know that it was God who heard her cries and came to her rescue. As we began reading over the contract with her, our team shared how the provision for the cart business startup came through someone who loves Jesus and Cambodia. Iris told our team how she learned about Jesus as a child and heard more about him as she grew up, but never made a commitment to follow Him. She said she had experienced His love through the donor and our XP team. She knew God saw her and sent people to help and that His love is real! It is with joy that we share with you that Iris decided to give her heart to Jesus that very day!

During morning prayer on the same day with the XP staff, as we lifted Iris and her children to the Father, He gave me a picture of her. I saw her as tree of life, firmly-planted, branches providing shelter and fruit for others in the community. As we sat in Iris’ home as she sweetly prayed and invited Jesus into her heart, the Lord began planting her firmly in Him so she will grow into that beautiful, strong tree.

Iris is now all set up with her cart business. As our team helped her place all her inventory on the cart, we are delighted to say that customers were already flocking to buy from her! Her heart is full, a daughter of the King learning that the Father always has more than enough for her.

We welcome you to pray a blessing over Iris’ business and her family as we continue to meet with her weekly, mentoring in financial stewardship and discipling her to know Jesus more.

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