When Rescue Looks Like…a Broom Cart

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Our paths recently crossed with Iris (name has been changed) when she was in a place of desperation. She shared her heartbreaking story of enduring severe domestic violence just one month after her fourth child was born. Fleeing from an abusive marriage, she sought to provide a safer home for herself and three of her children. Yet, with limited viable skills, Iris took to the streets to collect garbage and recyclable items she could sell for a small profit. Overwhelmed with three small mouths to feed and limited income, Iris did not want to live anymore and carry such heavy burdens. Hearing of her situation, a person in the community offered to sell Iris’ baby for her. They made promises of a family who could not have children and wanted hers for their own.

At this point, the Lord intersected our path with Iris. Through counseling her, our casework team shared the unknown dangers of selling her precious baby to strangers. How could she really know her child is safe? Through tears, she confessed to us that she loved her baby and did not want to sell her. Yet, how will she ever have enough to feed her kids and pay rent?

We were able to bless her with one month’s rent as we asked what her dream would be for supporting her family in the future. With new hope in her eyes, she shared how she would love to have a cart to sell house goods to the surrounding community. This is where we extend an invitation for you to be a part of Iris’ story!

We want to invite you to sow into Iris and her family through a donation. $450 will help Iris launch her cart business with a micro-loan. This will aid in purchasing the cart as well as her first round of inventory of brooms, dustpans, trash bins and more. As Iris makes a profit, she will gradually make affordable payments to XP until the cart is fully hers. These payments will then be used to offer another family a micro-loan. Iris will also receive counseling in debt and savings as well as discipleship opportunities for her to encounter more of God’s great love for her.

Pray with us for Iris and her children to be fully healed and empowered to live the life that God created them for and for them to be a testament of God’s goodness in their community.

Written by:  Anonymous


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