The Power of Decrees

by Mar 28, 2017Missions

I want to share today from my own personal experience the amazing power of speaking positive decrees into situations. Whether in our own personal lives, the lives of our loved ones, or even over entire nations, our decrees are very powerful weapons in the Kingdom of God!

I have shared before of how God set me free from a hardcore 15-year drug addiction. I truly believe that the main key to my deliverance was my mom’s faithfulness not only to prayer but also to speak positive decrees over my life and future! After years of going through the painful cycle of drug addiction and relapse with me, my Mom cried out to God and asked him why, after so many years of praying, had she not seen the manifestation of my deliverance. Here are some of her words on this that she wrote in her own blog a few years back:

“…Finally, after many years of trying to rescue Ginger in my own strength, I surrendered totally. I cried out to God in prayer and I said, ‘God! How long is this going to go on!?! I thank you so much for keeping her alive and not allowing her to die in her sin, but how long God?’ The Lord answered me. He said, ‘You are in the cycle of destruction with her. When she is doing good, you are doing good, and when she is doing bad, then you are doing bad.’ He said, ‘Step out of the circle of destruction and prophesy over her until you see the salvation of the Lord. Do not look at her life, but turn your eyes to me! I am her Deliverer!’ So I then began my journey of speaking God’s Word over my daughter.”

Around that time she found a book by Patricia King called “Decree” and she began to decree every prayer in that book over me out loud every day. She did this for 2 years and then we finally had the breakthrough! I got clean and have stayed clean to this day. A couple of weeks into my sobriety Mom gave me a copy of the Decree book and I immediately started to decree over my own life. I have shared this same book with many friends over the years and it is still one of my favorite weapons to use in warring for the promises of God to come forth!

The bible says in Job 22:28 “You shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established for you…”

It is also very important to only speak positively in our daily lives, whether about our own lives or someone else’s. In any and every situation we should make a firm decision to only speak LIFE! Our words are very powerful, whether positive or negative.

Proverbs 18:21 says “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

I read an article recently about the “great apple experiment”. People were literally challenged to take two halves of the same apple and put them in separate jars. Then they were to speak negative words of hate to the “bad” apple and positive words of love to the good apple. At the end of this 2-week experiment, the “bad” apple was very rotten and the “good” apple was still good enough to eat! This principle applies to everyone, not only Christians. Imagine how much more powerful our words are as Christians……whether good or bad. This picture on the left is an actual picture from the experiment.

God has given us the power to create our world with our words! What a huge responsibility!!

Do you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction or some other problem? Have you spoken life over them or have you spoken death with your words? If it is the latter, then will you make a commitment today to only speak positive over the situation?

Sometimes we have to choose to step outside of a situation that looks completely hopeless and see it through God’s eyes. He knows the plans he has for us and those we love! They are always good plans full of hope and a bright future (Jeremiah 29:11)

Has God put a nation on your heart that would seem irredeemable outside of Him? What is impossible for man is always possible through God! (Luke 18:27) Make it a goal to decree the Word over this nation each day! Frame your assignment with words of hope and life and watch God go to work!

The words of our mouth actually chart the course of our lives and the world! Let’s go out there and decree life over ourselves, over our loved ones and over the nations!

Here is the link to the “Decree” book by Patricia King if you would like to get one for yourself: I highly recommend it to everyone!

Written by: Ginger Brown


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