Be Missional Where You Are

by Mar 17, 2017Missions

Here in the United States being missional minded can come in all sorts of different packages.  A missional community of people are patterned after what God the Father did in sending Jesus Christ. Jesus was the “sent one” (missionary) into the world. Likewise, we do not expect people to come to us, instead we position ourselves to be “sent ones” into the world.

It always moves me when I see a teenager going against the status quo and being missional with their peers and culture. Missionaries are not just sent to other countries but can be right in our schools, malls, theaters and skate parks.

This past week I sat in a high school auditorium watching a multi-media production where teens challenge their peers through dance, drama and real life video stories, to make healthy choices for their future and live a life without regrets. They addressed real life issues that young people are facing like drugs and alcohol, sex and abstinence, teen pregnancy, bullying, depression, suicide and cutting, sexting and more. What moved me the most, were the teenagers who stood in a line after the production, and announced to their peers in the audience, their commitment to sexual abstinence, no drugs, no alcohol, etc. These kids were missional, “sent ones”, into high school auditoriums around the city, with a message of hope, non-compromise, healthy choices and the result being . . . a life without regrets.

The definition of regret is to feel sad, repentant or disappointed over something that has happened or has been done, especially a loss or a missed opportunity. How inspiring and empowering it is to see youth releasing a missional message of hope that says, there is a different road to take than what is currently popular, but it’s the road to LIFE. It’s the road that is paved with no-regrets. It’s the road that leads to a different kind of pleasure that is eternal.  

This morning, this verse was percolating in my soul, You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  Psalm 16:11

I am thrilled to see youth, not waiting until they graduate high school to go on the mission field, but being missional right where they are, surrounded by many possible roads to take and choosing the one less traveled.

Written by:  Nita Weldon


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