Life brings about many transitions. We are carried in the womb and then we transition as we are born into the world. We transition into childhood, adolescence, then into adults, and older adulthood. There are also many transitions within even those parameters. We are in a great transition in our lives when we become born again. We become “new creatures.” That is the greatest transition of all. As you ponder this subject, I am sure you can think of many times when there was transition in your life.

Transition is a time when we do not know everything about our future, or how things will go for us. We have to trust the Lord and throw ourselves upon Him. We get married, we say goodbye to a loved one, we give birth, or we change locations and ministries.

That is what is happening to me at the present time. I am getting ready to move to Texas. It is funny how transition happens. When we are following the Lord, sometimes He will lead us places that we never thought we would go. I never thought I would live in Texas, but about a year and a half ago, I was in a place called Kemp, Texas for a conference and workshop with many in the congregation of “River of Life” church. It was such a supernatural time and God did wonderful things while I was there. I did not think of living there at that time, however, they have a powerful prayer group and God has a way of persuading us to do His highest and best so I found myself thinking of moving there. Now, I knew they were praying for me all of this time, but I had to get a word from the Lord for myself. So, I started seeking Him in earnest about a month and a half ago. As it turned out, God was building the certainty that I was to go to Kemp, Texas. It was a “Macedonian call… Please come over here and help us.” It got louder and louder until I could not ignore it.  So, I said “yes”.

After that things started going very quickly.  I put my house up for sale and it came under contract right away for the price that I wanted.  I looked for a house in Kemp and settled on one where the owner was determined she was not going to sell, but after prayer from myself and others she had a dream that she was to sell her house and agreed on the price that I wanted to pay. So, I am in transition. A big one. In the natural, it does not make sense, but with God, it makes perfect sense. If you have served the Lord for very long, you know what I mean. My natural inclination would be to think- “you have no business moving at this stage in your life, after all, you are 79 and soon to be 80.” But, I do not listen to my natural voice. I listen to God.

The transitions that we go through in life when we follow the Lord lead us closer to those plans that The Almighty had for us when we were created. We are never too old or too young to follow the ultimate call on our lives. This call of mine is a missionary journey to a church that we believe will have revival and transformation not only in the church but in the whole town and the surrounding areas. In the natural, it is a nothing town, but God sees what it can become. God showed me what it can become.

The challenge to each of us is to be courageous in those times when we have to “walk on God’s feet and not on our own.” Because we know not what will happen, or where we are going or what we will be doing. We are following God and His call on our lives. That is what I am doing. I challenge you, readers, to do there same.  God will take all your fears, uncertainties, doubts, and worries and turn them into His courage, love, and grace.

Challenges are so good because we know that we have to depend upon God to get through them. So transitions in the Lord’s Kingdom can be some of the greatest moments of our lives. Let God take you where no man has gone before. Let God use you to bring light into darkness, to change the atmosphere, to love like no man can love (because we depend on His love to love through us.) We are those who are called to go forth wherever Jesus is taking us. So that is what I am doing. Please come and visit us in Kemp, Texas, as we will have something special going on in that town because God called not only me but others to come and be an instrument of transformation in that place. Blessings on your particular transition.

Written by: Joyce Euren
Published on: 10/17/2018