Lately, we have been hearing all about the harvest of souls. We all need to be concerned about souls that do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. My weapon of choice is prayer and worship. But, that does not mean that I choose or am prevented from leading individuals to the Lord. We all have that call. We have also been hearing about a shift in the heavenlies. I want to say here that the shift that I am sensing is a call to lay all down for the sake of the gospel and the sake of the kingdom. So, my challenge to myself and to you today is to get yourselves ready to do whatever it takes to bring this harvest into the house of God. We can hear the cry from the heart of God if we listen closely. Too many souls are outside of God’s house. They are orphans, they are bound, they are unloved, uncared for, and have no hope or sense of destiny. They do not know that they are children of the Lord or that they were created in His image.

In the book of Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah had a life-changing encounter with the Lord God Almighty. In verse 7, he says “He touched my lips with it (a coal from the altar) and said, “See, this coal has touched your lips, now your guilt is removed and your sins are forgiven.” After this encounter Isaiah was ready to say in verse 8- “Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?”  I said “here I am. Send me.”

That has been my prayer for years as I have gone to nation after nation.  As we are changed from glory to glory, our witness brings the people to us as we go. God is our guide and He leads us to those who need Him. But, as we are changed our witness grows. So, we no longer influence just a few, but we have the ability to change atmospheres through our very presence.

As I think of the great saints that I know today and the saints that have gone on before us I am encouraged and challenged by their uncompromising lives.  They followed the Lord to the hard places and saw nations changed.  Think of the nation of Ireland and Saint Patrick who was sent there to a completely heathen nation. Think of Thomas who went to India and was martyred for his witness to the people there who had not even heard the name of Jesus. Think of our modern day saints like Heidi and Rolland Baker who even now are battling forces that are too big for them, but know that they have a big God. Think of our own Andrea Aasen who gave up all to go where the Lord told her to go to bring the people of Cambodia hope, life, freedom from bondage and salvation for many of all ages. We honor these saints, but the Lord says still “Who will go for me?” The call is getting louder all of the time.

So, I would say to you today that no matter what the circumstances in your life, God has a plan for you to influence the world. You do not necessarily have to go to a different country to gather the harvest. There are so many here that need to see the true Jesus. We have those who are visiting the “first nation peoples” and are seeing God do marvelous things. I am seeing great answers to prayer in our prayer times, and I am also seeing great things happen when I visit those in nursing homes. They so desperately need the life of Jesus. They need hope, love, peace, joy, and compassion from those of us who carry the goodness of God.

Today, I want to be an instrument of God’s life. Where there is darkness, light, where there is hopelessness, hope, where there is chaos, peace, where there is hatred, love and where there is no salvation, salvation. Make us instruments of Your harvest Lord.

Written by: Joyce Euren
Published on: 7/17/18