Life does bring about many transitions that can often give us unsettling feelings of being not quite here or there (read  Joyce Euren’s recent post on transition). It brings with it a sense of straddling between two worlds. Sometimes, it takes a long time to go through a transition. Other times it is shorter, never the less, it’s almost always uncomfortable, to say the least.

But, what comes after transition? …New beginnings, new assignments, and new perspectives as well as learning new things just like in childbirth. Right after “transition”, the baby is born. This is so new for the parents and the baby, a heavenly being, who gets freshly introduced to the natural world.

For me, this new season was a bit like having twins, or even triplets! And in my case, not only a new assignment with Extreme Love Ministries here in the US with new office space but also a brand-new home, along with life changes in my immediate family.

We do get hints of the new season even while in transition. For example, I got to pick out my home and get everything out of storage, and all in one place, finally. I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted to go where, the color scheme, décor, etc. What would it finally look like when everything was moved in, items placed, pictures put on the walls, and kitchen stocked? The final layout of the furniture and décor came after I moved in. Sometimes, what I had in my mind, didn’t quite work or I found a better way to put things together. What a beautiful process.

Did I say it was like having twins or even triplets? Not only was I moving into my new home, but the Extreme Love Ministries U.S. offices were literally being set up all at the same time! And our wonderful ELM team worked together, combining skills and vision to get it set up, functional, and beautiful. My position is a new one. I am very excited to bring this new piece to the ministry and help build with the team what is new for the next part of the vision. Even when leaping into the new, God is there. We need to KNOW that He is and will always accomplish what He has started in our life!

Remember, it is a process! May God go with you and bless your new beginnings as you leap in.

And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age. ~ Matthew 28:20b

Written by: Genevieve Shenton
Published on: 10/22/2018