A few days ago I returned from my trip to Cambodia. I have said this before and I will keep saying it, “God has turned my heart into the shape of Cambodia”. My love for that land and the beautiful people there grows every time I go there.

Every trip there is unique in its own way. I can never compare one experience to the next. I am so thankful that God is allowing me to be part of the blessings and miracles I witness each time.

During this trip, I went to the Kid’s Justice House of Prayer, which is right in the middle of the “Railroad Slum”.  In case you were wondering, yes, a train does actually go through this slum just a few feet from their homes. The Kid’s House of Prayer is set in an upstairs boarded building with windows overlooking the Nation. It is used to teach the children in this slum all about who Jesus is. This house is for sure built on the foundation of love and kindness. The kids gather at the door on the assigned days and wait patiently to come in. The team gets there an hour ahead to prepare for this time in worship and praise. I love how worship music echoes across this slum.  Inside the house are prayer stations and a place for the children to worship. We have to remember that most of these children cannot read or write yet, so they depend on the complete guidance of the Holy Spirit. The presence of God is so powerful here as you can feel it even before you enter the house.

Over two years ago when I was in Cambodia I was searching for reasons why I was there. I knew that God had called me there, so I went on complete faith. Through this journey, I have met the most loving and compassionate people that really are handmade by God himself. As I was praying there one night, God showed me a vision of a “monorail” type vehicle that was going back and forth from Cambodia to the United States. He then told me “bring everything you learn here to the United States and bring everything you learn in the United States to Cambodia.” He showed me what true “Nationhood” really is.

I do take God’s word and instruction very seriously and am doing exactly what He is telling me. Recently in my ministry house here in the states, we started our own Kid’s Justice House of Prayer that is set up just like the house in Cambodia. We have a “Nation Station”, “Prayer Station”,  “Salvation Station”,  “Healing Station”, and a place of worship. The kids that are coming here are falling more in love with Jesus and it is a blessing to get to see this. They are eager to learn and not ashamed to abandon themselves for Jesus and express it. They are the young prophets, future pastors, and missionaries in the making and world changers that have already been activated. My prayer is that many of you that are reading this blog will feel the calling to start your own Kids Justice House of Prayer in your neighborhood. I promise you will feel the change in the atmosphere.

Written by:  Barbara Rucci
Published on: 10/3/18