Mercy Home's Children -Pattaya, ThailandMERCY HOME (now PAK PING KUM PAI) – PATTAYA, THAILAND

In 2010, XP Missions started a short-term shelter for abused and trafficked kids in Pattaya, Thailand. We operated the shelter for two years and successfully had in our care seven children, all under the ages of 5. XP Missions provided full-time care, as well as counseling, healing, and restoration.

In 2012, XP Missions decided to partner with Mercy Center (now Pak Ping Kum Pai) in Pattaya to provide long-term shelter, care, and healing for children at-risk. We then successfully reintegrated all of our children to Our Father’s Home, under the umbrella of the home, where the kids continue to receive education and long-term care with our financial partnership.  We also work closely with them to provide support for children at risk in the local communities and trafficking cases in Pattaya.

We are honored to work alongside a ministry that is a shining example of Jesus’ love for the poor and the orphaned. To find out more about Pak Ping Kum Pai (formerly Mercy Home) and how you can get involved, please Click Here.



Children's Home Pnompenh, Cambodia

Extreme Love Ministries is aiding trafficked and exploited Cambodian children through rescue efforts in both Thailand and Cambodia. Our team is able to help these children through community outreach, where we work with the local government, social workers, partnering organizations, and police, assisting on a case-by-case basis.  When rescue and child placement efforts occur, the child’s original home and family may be determined unsafe. In such a case, we network with a variety of homes to provide the best possible care for each child helped.When possible, we try to match the children with homes where the number of children is very low thus simulating a natural, family environment.Our team has dedicated their time and efforts to research and has spent time in each home, so we can ensure the safety and care of each child.