Over 50 kids have come through the House in this slum community we serve in since the beginning of June. They are hearing about Jesus, learning about the Bible and prayer, starting to pray on their own, learning how to hear God’s voice, and experiencing His presence. The committed ones come week after week simply because they are drawn and hungry for God.

God is raising up a generation of nation-changing children right here in the poorest areas of the city. The slums are strategic areas to bring the light and hope of Jesus, as they are areas of high poverty, addiction of many sorts, prostitution, trafficking, and drugs, etc. It’s not uncommon here in the slums for children to go missing, or for a trafficker to make a contract with a pregnant woman for her unborn baby. As I wrap my arms around the children or look them in the eyes and tell them how loved they are, how smart, how amazing… my heart swells with the Father’s love for them. I trust that each interaction is a seed planted in their little hearts for them to know how much Jesus loves them.

Recently, two children had identical visions during “listening” prayer. One shared, “I saw Jesus really big, and He put His hand on me. He said to forgive the people who have hurt my feelings. He told me that I am His Beloved… don’t worry about it… just forgive them.” After she shared, a boy who had been waving his hand to share suddenly put it down.  “She took my words.” Jesus was speaking the same theme!

As a result, this week at the House we dug in a bit deeper. You see, this is a huge deal: I’ve heard many stories during my time here of (without Jesus) people holding grudges, getting even, cursing each other, and severing relationships. Jesus is already speaking to the children about forgiveness, so we are just joining Him in what He is already doing! All glory to God!

After a brief teaching on forgiveness, the children applied what they had already been learning: there is power in the Name of Jesus. Now was their time to step into that truth and break bondages in His Name through forgiveness, and to ask Jesus to heal their hearts of all hurt.

Each child thought of someone in their hearts that they needed to forgive. With that person in mind, they took turns holding the other side of a chain that represented the bondage of hurt and unforgiveness. They each prayed to Jesus and chose to release that person, demonstrating their “letting go” by dropping the chain as a prophetic act. In addition, they learned that even if all of the adults in their lives don’t forgive each other, they can be different.

And don’t be intimidated by those who are older than you; simply be the example they need to see by being faithful and true in all that you do. Speak the truth and live a life of purity and authentic love as you remain strong in your faith.” (1 Timothy 4:12 TPT)

Generational bondages are being broken, beginning with the children!

Written by: Cathy Cupp
Published on: 8/7/18